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IFCONFIG.IF(5)              BSD File Formats Manual             IFCONFIG.IF(5)

     ifconfig.if -- interface-specific configuration files

     The ifconfig.if files contain information regarding the configuration of
     each network interface.  ifconfig.if is processed by /etc/rc.d/network at
     system boot time.

     One file should exist for each interface that is to be configured, such
     as /etc/ifconfig.fxp0.  The file will get evaluated only if the interface
     exists on the system.  Multiple lines can be placed in a file, and will
     be evaluated sequentially.

     Normally, a line will be evaluated as command line arguments to
     ifconfig(8).  ``ifconfig if'' will be prepended on evaluation.

     If a line is empty, or starts with '#', the line will be ignored as com-

     If a line starts with '!', the rest of line will get evaluated as shell
     script fragment.  Shell variables declared in /etc/rc.d/network are
     accessible.  The most useful variable is $int, as it will be bound to the
     interface being configured with the file.

     For example, the following illustrates static interface configuration:

           # IPv4, with an alias
           inet netmask media 100baseTX
           inet netmask alias
           # let us have IPv6 address on this interface
           inet6 fec0::1 prefixlen 64 alias
           # have subnet router anycast address too
           inet6 fec0:: prefixlen 64 alias anycast

     The following illustrates dynamic configuration setup with dhclient(8)
     and rtsol(8):

           # autoconfigure IPv4 address
           !dhclient $int
           # autoconfigure IPv6 address.  Be sure to set $ip6mode to autohost.
           !rtsol $int

     The following example is for dynamically-created pseudo interfaces like

           # configure IPv6 default route toward the interface
           !route add -inet6 default ::1
           !route change -inet6 default -ifp $int

     Earlier versions of /etc/rc.d/network required an explicit 'create' com-
     mand for such interfaces.  This is now handled automatically.


     rc.conf(5), ifconfig(8)

BSD                             October 5, 2002                            BSD