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GENASSYM.CF(5)              BSD File Formats Manual             GENASSYM.CF(5)

     genassym.cf -- assym.h definition file

     The genassym.cf file is used by genassym.sh(8) to make constant C expres-
     sions known to assembler source files.  Lines starting with '#' are dis-
     carded by genassym.sh(8).  Lines starting with include, ifdef, if, else
     or endif are preceded with '#' and passed otherwise unmodified to the C
     compiler.  Lines starting with quote get passed on with the quote command
     removed.  The first word after a define command is taken as a CPP identi-
     fier and the rest of the line has to be a constant C expression. The out-
     put of genassym.sh(8) will assign the numerical value of this expression
     to the CPP identifier.  export X is a shorthand for define X X.  struct X
     remembers X for the member command and does a define X_SIZEOF sizeof(X).
     member X does a define X offsetof(<last struct>, X).  config <ctype> <gcc
     constraint> <asm print modifier> can be used to customize the output of
     genassym.sh(8).  When producing C output, values are casted to <ctype>
     (default: long) before they get handed to printf. <gcc constraint>
     (default: n) is the constraint used in the __asm__ statements. <asm print
     modifier> (default: empty) can be used to force gcc to output operands in
     different ways then normal. The "a" modifier e.g. stops gcc from emitting
     immediate prefixes in front of constants for the i386 and m68k port.



     The genassym.cf file appeared in NetBSD 1.3.

BSD                             April 25, 1998                             BSD