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eucKR(5)							     eucKR(5)


  eucKR	- A character encoding system (codeset)	for Korean


  EUC (Extended	UNIX Code) is a	codeset	extended by AT&T Bell Laboratories
  for use in various countries in the world. Korean EUC	is the EUC codeset
  for representing Korean data.	The encoding of	Korean EUC (eucKR) is
  currently identical to that of the DEC Korean	codeset	(see deckorean(5)).

  Codeset Conversion

  The following	codeset	converter pairs	are available for converting Korean
  characters between eucKR and other encoding formats.	Refer to
  iconv_intro(5) for an	introduction to	codeset	conversion. For	more informa-
  tion about the other codeset for which eucKR is the input or output, see
  the reference	page specified in the list item.

    +  deckorean_eucKR,	eucKR_deckorean

       Converting from and to the DEC Korean codeset: deckorean(5).

       Because DEC Korean is currently identical to Korean Extended UNIX
       Code, this converter is not useful.

    +  ISO-2022-KR_eucKR, eucKR_ISO-2022-KR

       Converting from and to the ISO 2022 Korean codeset: iso2022(5).

  Font Support for Korean EUC

  For both display devices and printers, the operating system supports the
  Korean EUC codeset through DEC Korean	fonts. See deckorean(5)	for informa-
  tion about Korean bitmap and PostScript fonts.


  Commands: locale(1)

  Others: ascii(5), deckorean(5), iconv_intro(5), i18n_intro(5),
  i18n_printing(5), l10n_intro(5), Korean(5)