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deb-symbols(5)                  dpkg utilities                  deb-symbols(5)

       deb-symbols - Debian's extended shared library information file


       The  format for an extended shared library dependency information entry
       in these files is:

       <library soname> <main dependency template>
       [ | <alternative dependency template> ]
       [ ... ]
       [ * <field-name>: <field value> ]
       [ ... ]
        <symbol> <minimal version>[ <id of dependency template> ]

       The library soname is exactly the value of the SONAME field as exported
       by  objdump(1). A dependency template is a dependency where #MINVER# is
       dynamically replaced either by a version check like "(>=  minimal  ver-
       sion)"  or  by  nothing  (if an unversioned dependency is deemed suffi-

       Each exported symbol (listed as name@version, with version being "Base"
       if  the library is not versioned) is associated to a minimal version of
       its dependency template (the main dependency template is used if id  of
       dependency  template  is not present). The first alternative dependency
       template is numbered 1, the second one 2, etc.

       Each entry for a library can also have some fields of meta-information.
       Those  fields are stored on lines starting with an asterisk. Currently,
       the only valid field is Build-Depends-Package, it indicates the name of
       the "-dev" package associated to the library and is used by dpkg-shlib-
       deps to make sure that the dependency generated is at least  as  strict
       as the corresponding build dependency.

   Simple symbols file
       libftp.so.3 libftp3 #MINVER#
        DefaultNetbuf@Base 3.1-1-6
        FtpAccess@Base 3.1-1-6

   Advanced symbols file
       libGL.so.1 libgl1
       | libgl1-mesa-glx #MINVER#
       * Build-Depends-Package: libgl1-mesa-dev
        publicGlSymbol@Base 6.3-1
        implementationSpecificSymbol@Base 6.5.2-7 1

       dpkg-shlibdeps(1), dpkg-gensymbols(1).

Debian Project                    2007-07-16                    deb-symbols(5)