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deb-shlibs(5)                   dpkg utilities                   deb-shlibs(5)

       deb-shlibs - Debian shared library information file

       shlibs  files map shared library names and versions (sonames) to depen-
       dencies suitable for a package control file.  There is  one  entry  per
       line. Blank lines are not allowed.  Lines beginning with an # character
       are considered commentary, and are ignored.  All other lines must  have
       the format

              [tag:] library version dependencies

       The library and version fields are whitespace-delimited, but the depen-
       dencies field extends to the  end  of  the  line.   The  tag  field  is
       optional and normally not needed.

       See the Debian Policy Manual for further details.

       The  shlibs  file for a typical library package, named libcrunch1, that
       provides one library whose soname is libcrunch.so.1, might read

              libcrunch 1 libcrunch1 (>= 1.2-1)

       The dependencies must mention the most recent version  of  the  package
       that  added  new symbols to the library: in the above example, new sym-
       bols were added to version 1.2 of libcrunch.  This is not the only rea-
       son  the dependencies might need to be tightened; again, see the Debian
       Policy Manual for details.

       dpkg-shlibdeps(1), deb-symbols(5).

Debian Project                    2008-02-17                     deb-shlibs(5)