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crypt_sunmd5(5)       Standards, Environments, and Macros      crypt_sunmd5(5)

       crypt_sunmd5 - password hashing module using MD5 message hash algorithm


       The  crypt_sunmd5  module  is a one-way password hashing module for use
       with crypt(3C) that uses the MD5 message hash algorithm. The  algorithm
       identifier for crypt.conf(4) and policy.conf(4) is md5.

       This  module  is  designed to make it difficult to crack passwords that
       use brute force attacks based on high speed  MD5  implementations  that
       use code inlining, unrolled loops, and table lookup.

       The maximum password length for crypt_sunmd5 is 255 characters.

       The  following  options  can  be  passed  to  the  module  by  means of


           Specifies the number of additional rounds of MD5 to use in  genera-
           tion  of  the  salt; the default number of rounds is 4096. Negative
           values have no effect and are  ignored,  that  is,  the  number  of
           rounds cannot be lowered below 4096.

           The  number  of  additional  rounds  is  stored  in the salt string
           returned by crypt_gensalt(3C). For example:


           When crypt_gensalt(3C) is being used to generate a new salt, if the
           number  of additional rounds configured in crypt.conf(4) is greater
           than that in the old salt, the value  from  crypt.conf(4)  is  used
           instead.  This allows for migration to stronger (but more time-con-
           suming) salts on password change.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()    allbox;    cw(2.750000i)|     cw(2.750000i)     lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE MT-LevelSafe

       passwd(1),    crypt(3C),   crypt_genhash_impl(3C),   crypt_gensalt(3C),
       crypt_gensalt_impl(3C),  getpassphrase(3C),  crypt.conf(4),  passwd(4),
       policy.conf(4), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.10                        23 Dec 2003                  crypt_sunmd5(5)