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GBK(5)								       GBK(5)


  GBK, gbk - A character encoding system (codeset) for Simplified Chinese


  The GBK character set	is an extension	to the GB 2312-80 character set. (The
  "K" in "GBK" is the first sound in the Chinese word "Kuo Zhan," which	means
  "extension.")	GBK includes all the Hanzi characters specified	by the ISO
  10646-1:1993 standard	(characters also known as the GB 13000.1.93 character
  set) that are	not included in	GB 2312-80. GBK	is therefore defined as	a
  normative annex of GB13000.1-93.

  GBK Value Ranges and Code Points

  The GBK codeset is divided into five levels, as follows:

  Level	  Encoding Range   Code	Points

  GBK/1	  0xA1A1-0xA9FE	   846		 717
  GBK/2	  0xB0A1-0xF7FE	   6,768	 6,763
  GBK/3	  0x8140-0xA0FE	   6,080	 6,080
  GBK/4	  0xAA40-0xFE40	   8,160	 8,160
  GBK/5	  0xA840-0xA9A0	   192		 166

  In addition, GBK includes code points	for user-defined characters, as	fol-

  Encoding Range   Code	Points
  0xAAA1-0xAFFE	   564
  0xF8A1-0xFEFE	   658
  0xA140-0xA7A0	   672

  GBK therefore	provides a total of 23,940 code	points,	21,886 of which	are

  Each row in the GBK code table consists of 190 characters. ASCII charac-
  ters,	which are single-byte characters, are defined in the range 0x21-0x7E.
  Encoding ranges for two-byte characters are as follows:

  Encoding range for the first byte: 0x81-0xFE

  Encoding ranges for the second byte: 0x40-0x7E and 0x80-0xFE


       In terms	of character-to-code allocation, the sub-range for GB2321-80
       characters (0xA1A1-0xFEFE) in GBK is the	same encoding range defined
       for these characters in Extended	UNIX Code (EUC). GBK is	therefore
       backward	compatible with	Chinese	EUC encoding as	well as	forward
       compatible with the encoding as defined by ISO 10646-1:1993.

       GBK is the standard character set and encoding used in the Simplified
       Chinese version of Windows 95.

  Codeset Converters for GBK

  The following	codeset	converter pairs	are available for converting Simpli-
  fied Chinese characters between GBK and UCS formats. Refer to	Unicode(5)
  for more information about the UCS-2,	UCS-4, and UTF-8 encoding formats.
  Refer	to iconv_intro(5) for an introduction to codeset conversion.

    +  UCS-2_GBK, GBK_UCS-2

       Converting from and to UCS-2 format

    +  UCS-4_GBK, GBK_UCS-4

       Converting from and to UCS-4 format

    +  UTF-8_GBK, GBK_UTF-8

       Converting from and to UTF-8 format

  Fonts	for GBK

  The following	set of Simplified Chinese TrueType fonts are installed as the
  operating system default fonts for GBK:





  The following	set of Simplified Chinese TrueType fonts are available as an
  installation option:





  The default and optional fonts can be	used for printing only with Chinese
  text printers. With either the default or optional font sets installed, the
  SongTi fonts are the default screen fonts for	the GBK	codeset.


  Commands: locale(1)

  Others: ascii(5), big5(5), Chinese(5), dechanyu(5), dechanzi(5), eucTW(5),
  GB18030(5), i18n_intro(5), i18n_printing(5), l10n_intro(5), sbig5(5),