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updaters(4)                      File Formats                      updaters(4)

       updaters - configuration file for NIS updating


       The  file  /var/yp/updaters  is a makefile (see make(1S)) which is used
       for updating the Network Information Service (NIS) databases. Databases
       can  only  be updated in a secure network, that is, one that has a pub-
       lickey(4) database. Each entry in the file is a make target for a  par-
       ticular  NIS  database.  For example, if there is an NIS database named
       passwd.byname that can be updated, there should be a make target  named
       passwd.byname in the updaters file with the command to update the file.

       The  information  necessary  to make the update is passed to the update
       command through standard input. The  information  passed  is  described
       below (all items are followed by a NEWLINE except for 4 and 6):

       1.       Network name of client wishing to make the update (a string).

       2.       Kind of update (an integer).

       3.       Number of bytes in key (an integer).

       4.       Actual bytes of key.

       5.       Number of bytes in data (an integer).

       6.       Actual bytes of data.

       After  receiving  this  information through standard input, the command
       to update the  particular  database  determines  whether  the  user  is
       allowed  to  make  the  change.   If  not,  it  exits  with  the status
       YPERR_ACCESS. If the user is allowed to make the  change,  the  command
       makes  the   change  and  exits with a status of zero. If there are any
       errors that may prevent the  updaters from making the change, it should
       exit  with  the status that matches a valid NIS error code described in

       /var/yp/updaters        The makefile used for updating the   NIS  data-

       make(1S), rpc.ypupdated(1M), publickey(4)

       The  Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun Yellow
       Pages (YP).  The functionality of the two remains the  same;  only  the
       name  has  changed.  The name Yellow Pages is a registered trademark in
       the United Kingdom of British Telecommunications plc, and  may  not  be
       used without permission.

SunOS 5.10                        24 Oct 1996                      updaters(4)