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UCOM(4)                  BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  UCOM(4)

     ucom -- USB tty support

     ucom* at moscom?      # MosChip Semiconductor MCS7703
     ucom* at uark?      # Arkmicro Technologie
     ucom* at ubsa?      # Belkin
     ucom* at uchcom?      # WinChipHead CH341/340
     ucom* at ucycom?      # Cypress
     ucom* at uftdi?      # FTDI
     ucom* at uipaq?      # iPAQ
     ucom* at umcs?      # MosChip Semiconductor multiport
     ucom* at umct?      # MCT
     ucom* at umodem?      # Standardized umodem
     ucom* at umsm?      # Qualcomm MSM
     ucom* at uplcom?      # Prolific PL-2303
     ucom* at uscom?      # simple USB serial adapters
     ucom* at uslcom?      # Silicon Laboratories CP2101/CP2102
     ucom* at uslhcom?      # Silicon Laboratories CP2110
     ucom* at uticom?      # Texas Instruments TUSB3410
     ucom* at uvisor?      # Handspring Visor
     ucom* at uvscom?      # SUNTAC Slipper U VS-10U

     The ucom driver attaches to USB modems, serial ports, and other devices
     that need to look like a tty.  The ucom driver behaves like a tty(4):
     this means that normal programs such as tip(1) or pppd(8) can be used to
     access the device.

     The portno locator can be used to decide which port to use for devices
     that have multiple external ports.

     /dev/ttyU?    tty devices
     /dev/cuaU?    call out devices (see tty(4))

     intro(4), tty(4), usb(4)

     The ucom driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.  OpenBSD support was added in
     OpenBSD 2.7.

BSD                            February 6, 2015                            BSD