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UATH(4)                  BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  UATH(4)

     uath -- Atheros USB IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless network device

     uath* at uhub? port ?

     The uath driver supports USB 2.0 wireless network devices based on
     Atheros Communications fifth generation AR5005UG and AR5005UX chipsets.

     The AR5005UG chipset is made of an AR5523 multiprotocol MAC/baseband pro-
     cessor and an AR2112 Radio-on-a-Chip that can operate between 2300 and
     2500 MHz (802.11b/g).

     The AR5005UX chipset is made of an AR5523 multiprotocol MAC/baseband pro-
     cessor and an AR5112 dual band Radio-on-a-Chip that can operate between
     2300 and 2500 MHz (802.11b/g) or 4900 and 5850 MHz (802.11a).

     The AR5005UG and AR5005UX chipsets both have an integrated 32-bit MIPS
     R4000-class processor that runs a firmware and manages, among other
     things, the automatic control of the transmit rate and the calibration of
     the radio.

     These are the modes the uath driver can operate in:

     BSS mode       Also known as infrastructure mode, this is used when asso-
                    ciating with an access point, through which all traffic
                    passes.  This mode is the default.

     monitor mode   In this mode the driver is able to receive packets without
                    associating with an access point.  This disables the
                    internal receive filter and enables the card to capture
                    packets from networks which it wouldn't normally have
                    access to, or to scan for access points.

     uath supports hardware WEP.  It can be typically configured in one of
     three modes: no encryption; 40-bit encryption; or 104-bit encryption.  It
     is strongly recommended that WEP not be used as the sole mechanism to
     secure wireless communication, due to serious weaknesses in it.

     The uath driver can be configured at runtime with ifconfig(8) or on boot
     with hostname.if(5).

     The following firmware file is loaded when a device is plugged:


     This firmware file is not freely redistributable.

     A prepackaged version of the firmware can be installed using

     The following adapters should work:

           Adapter                              Chipset
           Compex WLU108AG                      AR5005UX
           Compex WLU108G                       AR5005UG
           D-Link DWL-G132                      AR5005UG
           IODATA WN-G54/US                     AR5005UG
           MELCO WLI-U2-KAMG54                  AR5005UX
           Netgear WG111T                       AR5005UG
           Netgear WG111U                       AR5005UX
           Netgear WPN111                       AR5005UG
           Olitec 000544                        AR5005UG
           Philips SNU6500                      AR5005UG
           PLANET WDL-U357                      AR5005UX
           Siemens Gigaset 108                  AR5005UG
           SMC SMCWUSBT-G                       AR5005UG
           SMC SMCWUSBT-G2                      AR5005UG
           SparkLAN WL-785A                     AR5005UX
           TP-Link TL-WN620G                    AR5005UG
           TRENDware International TEW-444UB    AR5005UG
           TRENDware International TEW-504UB    AR5005UX
           Unex Technology UR054ag              AR5005UX
           ZyXEL XtremeMIMO M-202               AR5005UX

     The following example scans for available networks:

           # ifconfig uath0 scan

     The following hostname.if(5) example configures uath0 to join network
     ``mynwid'', using WEP key ``mywepkey'', obtaining an IP address using

           nwid mynwid
           nwkey mywepkey

     uath0: error N, could not read firmware ...  For some reason, the driver
     was unable to read the firmware image from the filesystem.  The file
     might be missing or corrupted.

     uath0: could not load firmware (error=...)  An error occurred while
     attempting to upload the firmware to the onboard MIPS R4000 processor.

     uath0: could not initialize adapter  The firmware was uploaded success-
     fully but did not initialize properly or in time.

     uath0: could not send command 0xXX (error=...)  An attempt to send a com-
     mand to the firmware failed.

     uath0: timeout waiting for command reply  A read command was sent to the
     firmware but the firmware failed to reply in time.

     uath0: device timeout  A frame dispatched to the hardware for transmis-
     sion did not complete in time.  The driver will reset the hardware.  This
     should not happen.

     arp(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), netintro(4), usb(4), hostname.if(5),

     The uath driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.

     The uath driver was written by Damien Bergamini

     Atheros Communications refuses to release any documentation for their
     products.  Atheros proprietary 108 Mbps mode (aka Super AG mode) is not

     The uath driver does not attempt to do any regulation of radio frequen-

BSD                             August 20, 2013                            BSD