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 ttys(4)							     ttys(4)

      ttys - terminal control database file, for trusted systems


      The system supports a single terminal control database containing
      entries for each local terminal that can log into the system.
      Authentication programs use information contained in the terminal
      control database to determine if login from the terminal is permitted.
      Additional fields are maintained for informational purposes.

      The format of the terminal control database file is identical to other
      system authentication database files. For more information on the file
      format, see authcap(4).  The file consists of keyword field
      identifiers and values for those fields. The keyword identifiers
      supported and their use include:

      t_devname		This field defines the terminal device name for the
			entry. The terminal device is expected to be
			contained in the /dev directory, therefore this
			prefix should not be specified. If the terminal
			entry describes the /dev/tty1 device, the t_devname
			field should contain tty1.

      t_uid		This field records the user id of the last user to
			successfully login using the terminal device.

      t_logtime		This time_t field records the last successful login
			time to the terminal device.

      t_unsuctime	This time_t field records the last unsuccessful
			login time to the terminal device.

      t_failures	This field records the number of consecutive
			unsuccessful login attempts to the terminal device.

      t_maxtries	This field specifies the maximum number of
			consecutive unsuccessful login attempts permitted
			using the terminal before the terminal is locked.
			Once the terminal is locked, it must be unlocked by
			an authorized administrator.

      t_login_timeout	This field specifies the login timeout value (sec).

      t_logdelay	This field specifies the delay between login tries

      t_lock		This flag field indicates whether the terminal
			device has been administratively locked or not. This

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 ttys(4)							     ttys(4)

			field is manipulated by authorized administrators

      The following is an example of a terminal control database entry:


      This entry is for the system console device, /dev/console.  The most
      recent successful login session was for the user reese.  The entry
      records the system time for the current successful login and the time
      of the most recent unsuccessful login attempt.

      Remote terminals (ptys) should not be added to the devassign or ttys
      databases.  Device name formats treated as ptys by login are:

	   pty[x][y]   where x is a letter, and y is a hex number
	   tty[x][y]   where x is a letter, and y is a hex number

      ttys was developed by HP.

      /tcb/files/ttys		    Terminal control database file

      login(1), getprtcent(3), devassign(4), authcap(4), default(4).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000