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File Formats                                          telnetrc(4)

     telnetrc - file for telnet default options

     The  .telnetrc file contains commands that are executed when
     a  connection  is established on a per-host basis. Each line
     in the file contains a host name,  one  or  more  spaces  or
     tabs,  and  a  telnet(1)  command.  The  host name, DEFAULT,
     matches all hosts. Lines beginning with the pound  sign  (#)
     are interpreted as comments and therefore ignored. telnet(1)
     commands are case-insensitive to the contents of  the  .tel-
     netrc file.

     The  .telnetrc file is  retrieved  from  each  user's   HOME

     Example 1: A sample file.

     In the following example, a .telnetrc file executes the tel-
     net(1) command, toggle:

     weirdhost toggle crmod
     # Always export $PRINTER
     DEFAULT environ export PRINTER

     The lines in this file indicate  that  the  toggle  argument
     crmod,  whose  default  value is "off" (or FALSE), should be
     enabled when connecting to the system  weirdhost.  In  addi-
     tion,  the value of the environment variable  PRINTER should
     be exported to all systems. In this case, the  DEFAULT  key-
     word is used in place of the host name.


     telnet(1), in.telnetd(1M), environ(5)

SunOS 5.9            Last change: 9 Jan 1998                    1