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strsetup.conf(4)					     strsetup.conf(4)


  strsetup.conf	- Configuration	file for STREAMS drivers


  The /etc/strsetup.conf file is the configuration file	for STREAMS drivers.
  The strsetup.conf file specifies one or more character special files (or
  nodes) to be created when a STREAMS driver is	configured into	the kernel.
  If the driver	is not configured, no character	special	files are created for
  it.  If an old version of the	file exists, the strsetup command removes it
  before the new one is	created.

  The /etc/strsetup.conf file is defined as a Context-Dependent	Symbolic Link
  (CDSL), and must be maintained as such.  See the System Administration
  manual for more information.

  Each entry in	the /etc/strsetup.conf file specifies a	driver name, device
  special file name, file mode and minor number.  See the EXAMPLES section
  for a	sample strsetup.conf file.

  Each line in the file	is of the form:

  driver_name filename file_mode minor_number

  The fields have the following	meanings:

      Specifies	the name of the	driver as reported by the strsetup -c com-
      mand.  This field	is used	to match the names read	by the strsetup	com-
      mand from	the kernel and must match exactly (the match is	case sensi-

      Specifies	the full path name of the character special file or files to
      be created when driver_name is configured	into the kernel.  The
      filename can contain one conversion specifier in the style of
      printf(3).  This conversion is used to include a minor device number in
      the filename.  The permitted conversions are the following:

      %d  Prints the minor number as a signed decimal

      %x  Prints the minor number as a hexadecimal with	lower case letters

      %X  Prints the minor number hexadecimal with uppercase letters

      %o  Prints octal

      %u  Prints the minor number as an	unsigned decimal

      %i  Prints the minor number as a signed decimal
  Note that you	must use a double percent sign (%%) to include a percent sign
  in the filename.  Optionally,	each of	these conversions can include a
  specification	for some number	of leading 0's.
  This is done by following the	% with a 0 and one or more digits specifying
  the total number of digits to	be printed.  The 0 must	appear after the %.
  See the printf(3) reference page for more information.
  Any directories in the path of the filename that do not exist	are created.

      Specifies	the file mode assigned to the file when	it is created.	The
      file_mode	field must always be in	octal.	The file is always created as
      a	character special file.

      Specifies	the minor device number	field.	The strsetup command reads
      the major	device numbers from the	kernel.	 This field indicates to the
      strsetup command how to assign minor device numbers.  This minor_number
      field can	contain	the one	of the following values:

	  Indicates that the device should be created as a clone device.  In
	  this case the	major number becomes that of the special clone
	  pseudo-device	driver and the minor device number becomes the
	  device's major number.  Note that the	word clone must	be lowercase.

      N	  Creates a single device with the minor device	number N.  Note	that
	  N is a decimal number.

      M-N Create M-N nodes with	the devices' major numbers and minor numbers
	  between M and	N.  Note that M	and N are decimal numbers.  When a
	  range	of minor numbers is specified, a filename conversion specif-
	  ier can be used to make certain that each node created is unique.


  The following	is a sample /etc/strsetup.conf file:

       driver name	filename	     file mode	     minor number
       ptm	       /dev/ptmx	       0666	       clone
       log	       /dev/streams/log	       0666	       clone
       nuls	       /dev/streams/nuls       0666	       clone
       echo	       /dev/streams/echo       0666	       clone
       sad	       /dev/sad/admin	       0666	       clone
       pts	       /dev/pts/%d	       0666	       0-127


	     STREAMS setup configuration file


  Commands: strsetup(8)
  Network Programmer's Guide