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stl_mi(4)							    stl_mi(4)


  stl_mi - Software distribution master	inventory files	(*.mi)


  Each software	product	that is	distributed for	installation by	the setld
  utility has an associated master inventory file. The master inventory
  file's name consists of the unique three-letter product code and a three-
  digit	version	number with the	suffix .mi, for	example: OAT100.mi. The	mas-
  ter inventory	file is	used by	the kits utility to produce software distri-
  bution packages.

  A master inventory file contains one ASCII record for	each file in the pro-
  duct kit, describing vendor-specified	attribute information. Each record is
  composed of the following three fields, separated by [TAB] characters:

      A	16-bit unsigned	integer.

      Bit 1 is the v (volatility) bit; when it is set, changes to the exist-
      ing copy of the file can occur during kit	installation.  It is usually
      set for log files	required by applications. The remaining	bits are
      reserved.	Possible values	for this field are therefore 0 or 2.

      The dot-relative (./) pathname of	the file described by this record.
      Each pathname must appear	only once in the master	inventory file.	Path-
      names must begin with a period (.). Records must be sorted in ascending
      ASCII sequence on	this field.

      The name of the subset containing	the file.  Standard system direc-
      tories are not included in subsets; they are represented by the keyword
      RESERVED in place	of a subset name. Files	that exist in the product
      hierarchy	but are	not distributed	as part	of any subset have a minus
      sign (-) in this field. Files that share a gnode (links) must all	be
      included in the same subset.


  This example shows a section of the master inventory for a hypothetical
  layered product kit:

       0    .	    RESERVED
       0    ./usr/opt	   RESERVED
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/attr	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb.spr  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb_defaults	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/dcb_diag.sed	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/docbld	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/bin/unstamp  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/README.dcb	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/attr.1	  OATODBDOC100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/dcb.ps	  OATODBDOC100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/docbld.1	  OATODBDOC100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/docbld.5	  OATODBDOC100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/br/unstamp.1	  OATODBDOC100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib	  OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates/conv.braces	 OATODB100
       0    ./usr/opt/OAT100/lib/doclib/templates/conv.command	 OATODB100


  Commands: invcutter(1), kits(1), newinv(1), setld(8)

  Guide	to Preparing Product Kits