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stanza(4)							    stanza(4)

  stanza - Stanza file format




  A stanza file	format is used in conjunction with the libAF(3)	stanza file

  The stanza file syntax rules are as follows:

    +  Separate	entries	by one or more blank lines.

    +  A colon (:) terminates a	entry name.

    +  A newline terminates an attribute name and value	pair.

    +  Separate	a attribute name and attribute value with an equal sign	(=).

    +  Separate	more than one attribute	value with a comma (,).

    +  Entry names and attribute names can contain any printable character,
       except whitespace, a newline, or	special	characters, unless specified

    +  Entry attribute values can contain any printable	character, except a
       newline or special characters, unless specified appropriately.

    +  Trailing	blanks or tabs are allowed at the beginning or end of lines.

    +  A number	sign (#) at the	beginning of a line indicates a	comment.
       Comments	should be included only	at the beginning or the	end of an

  The syntax for a stanza file entry is	as follows:

	   Attribute1_name = Attribute1_value
	   Attribute2_name = Attribute2_value
	   Attribute3_name = Attribute3_value1,	Attribute3_value2

  The entry_name variable specifies the	entry name.  The attributes for	the
  entry	are specified with the Attribute1_name,	Attribute2_name, and
  Attribute3_name variables.  The values for the attributes are	specified
  with the Attribute1_value, Attribute2_value, Attribute3_value1, and
  Attribute3_value2 variables.

  Several special quoting characters allow attribute values to contain spe-
  cial values and data representations.	 If you	specify	a quoting character,
  surround the attribute value with quotes.  For example, to specify an	octal
  value	use the	slash character:



  Commands: sysconfigdb(8), cfgmgr(8)

  Functions: libAF(3)

  Files:  /etc/sysconfigtab(4)