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space(4)                         File Formats                         space(4)

       space - disk space requirement file

       space is an ASCII file that gives information about disk space require-
       ments for the target environment. The space file defines  space  needed
       beyond  what  is  used by objects defined in the prototype(4) file; for
       example, files which will be installed with the  installf(1M)  command.
       The  space  file  should  define the maximum amount of additional space
       that a package will require.

       The generic format of a line in this file is:

              pathname  blocks  inodes

       Definitions for the fields are as follows:

       pathname        Specify a directory name which may or may  not  be  the
                       mount  point for a filesystem.
                        Names  that  do not begin with a slash  ('/') indicate
                       relocatable directories.

       blocks          Define the number of disk blocks required for installa-
                       tion  of  the  files and directory entries contained in
                       the pathname (using a 512-byte block size).

       inodes          Define the number of inodes required  for  installation
                       of  the  files  and  directory entries contained in the

       Example 1: A sample file.

       # extra space required by config data which is
       # dynamically loaded onto the system
       data 500  1

       installf(1M), prototype(4)

       Application Packaging Developer's Guide

SunOS 5.10                        7 Feb 1997                          space(4)