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 snmpd.conf(4)						       snmpd.conf(4)

      snmpd.conf - configuration file for the SNMP agent

      When invoked, the SNMP agent reads its configuration information from
      the /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf configuration file.  The SNMP agent is
      either the snmpd(1M) (included with HP-UX) or the snmpd.ea(1M)
      (purchased with the OpenView product).  The SNMP agent operates
      correctly if no values are configured in /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf.

      /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf contains the following configurable

	   get-community-name: name IP: addr VIEW: mib-view
			       Specifies a community name for the agent.
			       The agent responds to SNMP GetRequests with
			       this community name.  You can configure the
			       agent to respond to more than one get
			       community name.	If a community name is not
			       entered, the agent responds to SNMP
			       GetRequests using any community name.

			       There are two, optional, fields that may be
			       associated with a community name. They are
			       IP: and VIEW:. These fields allow you to
			       associate manager IP addresses and MIB views
			       with community names.

			       Following IP: is a list of IP address in dot
			       notation. The list MUST be space separated.
			       Only SNMP Requests with one of these IP
			       addresses, as the source address, will be
			       accepted. Any source IP address will be
			       allowed if; IP: does not appear on the line,
			       no IP address appears after IP:, or an
			       address of is placed after IP:. No
			       wildcarding is supported.

			       The VIEW: is used to associate a MIB view
			       with the community string.  Placing a name or
			       OID from some portion of the MIB tree will
			       cause that object plus all portions of the
			       tree below that object to be included in the
			       view. Several names may be placed on the line
			       after VIEW: and MUST be space separated. If
			       the '-' character proceeds an object name
			       then it is excluded from the NIB view. For
			       example: VIEW: internet -mib-2 would allow
			       access to all of internet except for mib-2.
			       The default mib view will be assigned if
			       VIEW: does not appear on the line or no MIB

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 snmpd.conf(4)						       snmpd.conf(4)

			       view appears after VIEW:. It is important to
			       note that any MIB object(s) specified after
			       VIEW: override the default MIB view and are
			       not used in conjunction with it.	 The default
			       MIB view is specified below under default-
			       mibVIEW: and is configurable.

			       Lines may be continued using the ``\''

	   set-community-name: name IP: addr VIEW: mib-view
			       Specifies community name for the agent.	The
			       agent responds to the SNMP SetRequests with
			       this community name.  You can configure the
			       agent to respond to more than one set
			       community name.	If a community name is not
			       entered, the agent returns an error.  The IP:
			       and VIEW: fields for set community names are
			       the same as for get community names. See

	   trap-dest:	       Specifies a system name where traps are sent
			       (that is, the trap destination).	 This system
			       name is usually the host name or IP address
			       of the manager.	If traps should be sent to
			       multiple systems then a trap-dest line should
			       be included for each system.

	   location:	       Specifies the physical location of the agent.

	   contact:	       Specifies the person responsible for this
			       agent and information on how to contact this

	   sys-descr:	       Specifies the system description. This value
			       becomes the system.sysDescr MIB object.

	   default-mibVIEW:    Specifies the new default MIB view.  By
			       default, the MIB view of internet is set by
			       the system. The default MIB view may be
			       changed several times and anywhere in the
			       configuration file.  This new MIB view is "in
			       effect" from the point in the file that it is
			       defined until another default-mibVIEW: is
			       encountered. To reset the system supplied MIB
			       view, enter default-mibVIEW: with no MIB
			       objects after it. The MIB view values are
			       specified in the same way as for the get-
			       community-name: above.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 snmpd.conf(4)						       snmpd.conf(4)

	   Separate the fields by blanks or tabs.  A # character indicates
	   the beginning of a comment; characters from the # character to
	   the end of the line are ignored.

      Each line in the following example snmpd.conf file is preceded by a
      comment (beginning with #) that explains the entry. Please note that
      this is an example. Taken as a whole in is not intended to represent a
      configuration that you should use. It's sole purpose is to show the
      flexibility of the configuration file.

	   # We'll specify the location, contact, and sysDescr first.
	   location: Somewhere in the building.
	   contact: Jane Doe
	   sys-descr: HP-UX testsys1 A.09.04 E 9000/887 400509201

	   # This community string has the system default MIB view
	   # and any management station can use it.
	   get-community-name: globalget

	   # Setting a new default MIB view.
	   default-mibVIEW: system

	   # The following get and set community names will have the new
	   # default MIB view of system. But are restricted to use by
	   # systems and Note that the sysset community
	   # string is only usable from
	   get-community-name: sysget IP:
	   set-community-name: sysset IP:

	   # Resetting the default MIB view back to the original
	   # system default.

	   # Now allow some specific machines access to limited
	   # portions of the MIB.
	   # Note use of line continuation character '\'.
	   get-community-name: monitor IP: VIEW: system \
	   interfaces at ip snmp
	   get-community-name: public IP: VIEW: system

	   # Set up an administrative role and a root role.
	   set-community-name: admin IP: VIEW: internet \
	   set-community-name: root IP: VIEW: internet

	   # Specify some trap dests.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 snmpd.conf(4)						       snmpd.conf(4)

      snmpd.conf was developed by HP.

      The following files are not currently used. They are place holders for
      the SNMPV2 configuration information:

		snmpv2.acl, snmpv2.ctx, snmpv2.party, and snmpv2.view

      snmpd(1M), snmpd.ea(1M).

      RFC 1155, RFC 1157, RFC 1212, RFC 1213, RFC 1231, RFC 1398

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 4 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000