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snmp_config(4)                   File Formats                   snmp_config(4)

       snmp_config - overview of Net-SNMP configuration files


       This  page gives an overview of the various configuration files used by
       the Net-SNMP software that is shipped with the Solaris  operating  sys-

       In  a configuration file, lines beginning with a hash character (#) are
       treated as a comment and are not parsed.

   Search Order
       By default, the Net-SNMP applications look for configuration  files  in
       the following directories in the order listed:

       1.  /etc/sma/snmp

       2.  /usr/sfw/lib

       3.  $HOME/.snmp

       In  each of these directories, the Net-SNMP applications look for files
       with the extensions .conf and local.conf, in that order.

       The default search path described above can be  overridden  by  setting
       the  environment  variable  SNMPCONFPATH  to  a colon-separated list of
       directories.  SNMPCONFPATH  is  used to allow users to place configura-
       tion  files  in specific directories for their application needs.  Cur-
       rently defaulted to /etc/sma/snmp and /usr/local/share/snmp.

       Applications that store persistent data will also look in the /var/net-
       snmp directory for configuration files.

   Switching Configuration Types in Mid-File
       You  can  switch  in mid-file the configuration type that the parser is
       supposed to be reading. For example, assume you want to turn on  packet
       dumping output for the agent by default, but you do not want to turn on
       packet dumping for the rest of the applications (such  as  snmpget  and
       snmpwalk).  Normally,  to enable packet dumping, you would enter a line
       such as the one below in the snmp.conf file:

       dumpPacket true

       Such a line turns on  packet  dumping  for  all  of  the  applications.
       Instead,  you  can  put the same line in the snmpd.conf file so that it
       applies only to the snmpd daemon. However, you need to tell the  parser
       to  expect this line. You do this by putting a special, type-specifica-
       tion token inside square brackets. For example, inside your  snmpd.conf
       file you can enter:

       [snmp] dumpPacket true

       This  tells  the  parser  to  parse  the  line  as  if it were inside a
       snmp.conf file instead of an snmpd.conf file. If you want to parse mul-
       tiple lines rather than just one, you can make the context switch apply
       to the remainder of the file or until the next context switch directive
       by putting the special token on a line by itself:

       # make this file handle snmp.conf tokens:
       dumpPacket true
       logTimestamp true
       # return to our original snmpd.conf tokens:
       rocommunity mypublic

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()     allbox;     cw(2.750000i)|    cw(2.750000i)    lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).   ATTRIBUTE  TYPEATTRIBUTE  VALUE  AvailabilitySUNWsmcmd
       Interface StabilityExternal

       snmpd.conf(4), attributes(5), sma_snmp(5)

SunOS 5.10                        16 Jan 2004                   snmp_config(4)