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SERIAL_CS(4)               Kernel Interfaces Manual               SERIAL_CS(4)

       serial_cs - PCMCIA serial port driver

       insmod   serial_cs.o   [pc_debug=n]   [irq_list=i,j,...]   [do_sound=n]

       Serial_cs is the Card Services driver for all  PCMCIA  serial  devices,
       including  modem  cards.   When serial_cs is bound to a serial or modem
       card, it will generally attempt to allocate  the  first  unused  serial
       device  for use by the card.  The device chosen will be recorded in the
       kernel log file, and will also be reported to  cardmgr(8).   The  major
       and  minor numbers and device name reported by serial_cs will match the
       corresponding "dialout" device (/dev/cua#).   The  new  device  can  be
       accessed using this device file or the corresponding /dev/ttyS# device.
       The default serial card setup script will link the  dialout  device  to

              Selects  the  PCMCIA  debugging  level.   This parameter is only
              available if the module is compiled with debugging  enabled.   A
              non-zero value enables debugging.

              Specifies  the  set  of interrupts that may be allocated by this

              A flag specifying if speaker  output  should  be  enabled.   The
              default  is  1  (true).   Set  to  0  to disable speaker output.
              buggy_uart=n If set, then the kernel serial driver skips certain
              sanity checks that seem to fail for a few PCMCIA modems with odd
              UART implementations.  The default is 0 (false).  Set  to  1  to
              tolerate  buggy UART's.  This option is only available for rela-
              tively new (2.4 or later?) kernels.

       This man page describes the standalone PCMCIA drivers provided  by  the
       pcmcia-cs source, not the PCMCIA kernel driver support that is included
       in the 2.4 (and later) linux kernel.  While the kernel PCMCIA code  has
       the  same  functionality  as  the  driver side of the standalone PCMCIA
       package, there are some important differences.  Therefore, some or  all
       of this documentation might not apply to the kernel drivers.

       David Hinds - dahindsATusers.net

       cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5).

pcmcia-cs                     2002/04/24 06:20:09                 SERIAL_CS(4)