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securettys(4)							securettys(4)


  securettys - Secure terminal database	file


				 Security Note
       The terminal database file used on a trusted system is
       /etc/auth/system/ttys and is documented in the ttys(4) reference	page.

  The /etc/securettys file specifies the tty lines that	are considered secure
  and permit logins as root.

  Each line in the file	contains the pathname of the special file for a	ter-
  minal.  A number sign	(#) character can be used for comments.	 The follow-
  ing example is typical and allows root to log	in from	the console, from the
  X-display, and from tty00:

       # Terminal lines	for root logins

  If this file does not	exist, root can	log in only from the console.

  To allow root	to log in from any pseudoterminal, add the keyword ptys	to
  this file. (This keyword does	not require the	/dev prefix.)


	    Specifies the pathname of the file.


  Commands: login(1)

  Functions: getttyent(3)

  Files:  ttys(4)