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SBUS(4)                  BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  SBUS(4)

     sbus -- introduction to SBus bus support

     sbus* at mainbus?
     sbus* at iommu?
     sbus* at xbox?

     These sbus attachments are specific to the sparc and sparc64 ports.

     sbus is an I/O interconnect bus mostly found in SPARC workstations and
     small to medium server class systems.  It supports both on-board periph-
     erals and extension boards.  The sbus specifications define the bus pro-
     tocol as well as the electrical and mechanical properties of the exten-
     sion slots.

     OpenBSD provides support for the following devices.  Note that not all
     architectures support all devices.

   Audio interfaces
        audioamd(4)    SPARC telephone quality audio device
        audiocs(4)     SPARC CS4231 audio device

   SCSI interfaces
        esp(4)         ESP NCR 53c94 on-board or SBus SCSI interface
        isp(4)         QLogic based SCSI or Fibre Channel SCSI interface
        qla(4)         QLogic ISP2100/2200/2300 Fibre Channel controller
        qlw(4)         QLogic ISP1000/1020/1x40/1x80/1x160 SCSI controller

   Network interfaces
        be(4)          SPARC 10/100 Ethernet device
        gem(4)         GEM 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet device
        hme(4)         Sun Happy Meal 10/100 Ethernet device
        le(4)          AMD LANCE Ethernet device
        lebuffer(4), ledma(4)
                       AMD LANCE Ethernet device
        qe(4)          SPARC 10/100 Ethernet device
        qec(4)         SPARC Quad Ethernet Controller
        ti(4)          Alteon Networks Tigon I and II Gigabit Ethernet device

        stp(4)         SBus PCMCIA bridge
        tslot(4)       Tadpole PCMCIA Controller

   Graphics devices
        agten(4)       Fujitsu AG-10e accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer
        bwtwo(4)       Monochromatic frame buffer
        cgfourteen(4)  Accelerated 8/24-bit color frame buffer
        cgsix(4)       Accelerated 8-bit color frame buffer
        cgthree(4)     8-bit color frame buffer
        cgtwelve(4)    Accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer
        mgx(4)         SMS MGX and MGXPlus accelerated 24-bit color frame buf-
        pninek(4)      Weitek Power9000 frame buffer found on Tadpole SPARC-
                       book 3
        pnozz(4)       Weitek Power9100 frame buffer found on Tadpole SPARC-
                       book 3GS, 3GX, 3TX and 3XP
        rfx(4)         Vitec/Connectware/AP&D RasterFlex framebuffer series
        tcx(4)         Accelerated 8/24-bit color frame buffer
        tvtwo(4)       Accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer
        vigra(4)       8-bit SBus color frame buffer with VGA-compatible modes
        zx(4)          Accelerated 24-bit color frame buffer

   Serial and parallel interfaces
        apio(4)        Aurora Technologies pio1 parallel port card
        asio(4)        Aurora Technologies pio2 serial port card
        bpp(4)         parallel port
        magma(4)       Magma LC series Serial/Parallel Interface cards
        spif(4)        Sun Serial/Parallel Interface card
        zs(4)          Zilog 8530 (ZSCC) serial communications driver

   Miscellaneous devices
        auxio(4)       Miscellaneous I/O controls
        clock(4)       Realtime clock
        fdc(4)         NEC765 compatible floppy disk driver
        presto(4)      Prestoserve battery-backed memory
        uperf(4)       Performance counters on the host bridge
        xbox(4)        SBus Expansion subsystem


     The machine-independent sbus subsystem appeared in NetBSD 1.3.  OpenBSD
     support first appeared in OpenBSD 2.0.

BSD                             March 16, 2014                             BSD