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remote.unknown(4)					    remote.unknown(4)

  remote.unknown - Logs	access attempts	by unknown remote systems




  The /usr/lib/uucp/remote.unknown file	contains a shell procedure.  It	is
  executed by the uucp program when a remote computer that is not listed in
  the local /usr/lib/uucp/Systems file attempts	to communicate with that
  local	system.	 The uucp program does not permit the unknown remote system
  to connect with the local system.  Instead, the remote.unknown shell pro-
  cedure appends an entry to the file /usr/spool/uucp/.Admin/Foreign.

  Modify the remote.unknown file to fit	the needs of your site.	 For example,
  to allow unknown systems to contact your system, remove the execute permis-
  sions	for the	remote.unknown file.  You can also modify the shell script to
  send mail to the uucp	administrator or to recognize certain systems and
  reject others.

  Only someone with superuser authority	can edit the remote.unknown file,
  which	is owned by the	uucp program login ID.


	    Contains all configuration files for uucp, including the
	    remote.unknown file

	    Describes accessible remote	systems

	    Lists access attempts by unknown systems