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protocols(4)							 protocols(4)

  protocols - Defines the Internet protocols used on the local host




  The /etc/protocols file contains information about the known protocols used
  in the DARPA (Defense	Advanced Research Projects Agency) Internet.  Each
  protocol is represented by a single line in the protocols file.  Each	entry
  is of	the form:

       Name Number Aliases

  The fields contain the following information:

  Name	    Official Internet protocol name.

  Number    Protocol number.

  Aliases   Unofficial names used for the protocol.

  Items	on a line are separated	by one or more spaces or tab characters.
  Comments begin with the # (number sign), and routines	that search the	pro-
  tocols file do not interpret characters from the beginning of	a comment to
  the end of the line.	A protocol name	can contain any	printable character
  except a field delimiter, newline character, or comment character.

  The lines in the file	appear as follows:

       # Internet (IP) protocols
       ip      0    IP	       # internet protocol, pseudo protocol number
       icmp    1    ICMP       # internet control message protocol
       igmp    2    IGMP       # internet group	management protocol
       ggp     3    GGP	       # gateway-gateway protocol
       tcp     6    TCP	       # transmission control protocol
       egp     8    EGP	       # exterior gateway protocol
       pup     12   PUP	       # PARC universal	packet protocol
       udp     17   UDP	       # user datagram protocol
       hmp     20   HMP	       # host monitoring protocol
       rdp     27   RDP	       # "reliable datagram" protocol


  Functions: endprotoent(3), getprotobyname(3),	getprotobynumber(3), getpro-
  toent(3), setprotoent(3)