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prestotab(4)							 prestotab(4)


  prestotab - Lists the	file systems for Prestoserve to	accelerate




  The /etc/prestotab file contains descriptive information about the mounted
  file systems whose I/O will be automatically accelerated with	Prestoserve
  when the system starts up.  This file	is created by the prestosetup com-
  mand,	which prompts you for the file systems to automatically	accelerate
  when the system starts up.  You can also manually create the file.

  The /etc/rc.config file contains variables that specify the Prestoserve
  configuration.  If you configure Prestoserve to automatically	accelerate
  file systems when the	system starts up, the Prestoserve startup script
  (/sbin/init.d/presto)	accelerates the	mounted	file systems that are speci-
  fied in the /etc/prestotab file or, if the file is empty or does not exist,
  all the local	writable file systems that are currently mounted.

  The /etc/prestotab file contains a list of directory mount points (for
  example, /usr/users).	 Block devices should not be included because some
  functional subsystems, such as the Advanced File System (AdvFS), can map
  more than one	block device to	a mount	point.

  Entries in the /etc/prestotab	file must be separated by spaces or must be
  located on separate lines.  You cannot specify comments in the file.


  An example of	the /etc/prestotab file	is as follows:



	     File pathname.


  Commands: presto(8), prestosetup(8)

  Guide	to Prestoserve