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PCKBC(4)                 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                 PCKBC(4)

     pckbc -- PC (ISA) keyboard controller driver

     pckbc* at isa? flags 0x00            (alpha, amd64, i386, loongson)
     pckbc* at ebus?                      (sparc64)
     pckbd* at pckbc?
     pms*   at pckbc?

     The pckbc driver handles resource allocation and device attachment for
     the traditional PC/AT keyboard controller.  It provides two logical con-
     nections for child devices, the ``keyboard'' slot for a keyboard and the
     ``auxiliary'' slot for mice (the latter might be missing in older key-
     board controllers).

     To avoid attaching a phantom PS/2 keyboard device, the pckbc driver will
     attempt to detect USB legacy keyboard emulation on amd64 and i386 sys-
     tems.  Unfortunately, the detection heuristics may fail on older systems
     with a real PS/2 keyboard.  The keyboard can be forced to attach on these
     systems, by changing the device flags to 1.

     ebus(4), intro(4), isa(4), pckbd(4), pms(4), boot_config(8)

BSD                           September 26, 2010                           BSD