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pathalias(4)                     File Formats                     pathalias(4)

       pathalias - alias file for FACE


       The  pathalias  files  contain lines of the form  alias=path where path
       can be one or more colon-separated directories. Whenever a FACE (Framed
       Access  Command  Environment,  see  face(1)) user references a path not
       beginning with a ``/'', this file is checked. If the first component of
       the  pathname matches the left-hand side of the equals sign, the right-
       hand side is searched much like $PATH  variable  in  the  system.  This
       allows  users to reference the folder $HOME/FILECABINET by typing file-

       There is a system-wide pathalias file called $VMSYS/pathalias, and each
       user  can  also have local alias file called $HOME/pref/pathalias. Set-
       tings in the user alias file override settings in the system-wide file.
       The  system-wide  file  is  shipped with several standard FACE aliases,
       such as filecabinet, wastebasket, preferences, other_users, etc.




       Unlike command keywords, partial matching of a path alias is  not  per-
       mitted,  however,  path  aliases  are  case insensitive. The name of an
       alias should be alphabetic, and in no case can it contain special char-
       acters like ``/'', ``\'', or ``=''. There is no particular limit on the
       number of aliases allowed. Alias files are read once, at login, and are
       held  in core until logout. Thus, if an alias file is modified during a
       session, the change will not take effect until the next session.

SunOS 5.10                        3 Jul 1990                      pathalias(4)