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ott(4)                           File Formats                           ott(4)

       ott - FACE object architecture information

       The  FACE  object architecture stores information about object-types in
       an ASCII file named .ott (object type table) that is contained in  each
       directory.  This  file  describes all of the objects in that directory.
       Each line of the .ott file contains information  about  one  object  in
       pipe-separated fields.  The fields are (in order):

       name                    the name of the actual system file.

       dname                   the  name that should be displayed to the user,
                               or a dot if it is the same as the name  of  the

       description             the  description of the object, or a dot if the
                               description is the default (the same as object-

       object-type             the FACE internal object type name.

       flags                   object specific flags.

       mod time                the  time  that  FACE last modified the object.
                               The time is given as number  of  seconds  since
                               1/1/1970, and is in hexadecimal notation.

       object information      an optional field, contains a set of semi-colon
                               separated name=value fields that can be used by
                               FACE  to  store any other information necessary
                               to describe this object.

       .ott is created in any directory opened by FACE.

SunOS 5.10                        3 Jul 1990                            ott(4)