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networks(4)							  networks(4)

  networks - Contains network name information




  The networks file contains information about the known networks that
  comprise the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research	Projects Agency) Internet.
  Each network is represented by a single line in the networks file.  The
  format for the entries in the	networks file is as follows:

       Name Number Aliases

  The fields contain the following:

  Name	    The	official network name.

  Number    The	network	number.

  Aliases   The	unofficial names used for the network.

  Items	on a line are separated	by one or more spaces or tab characters.
  Comments begin with a	# (number sign).  Routines that	search the networks
  file do not interpret	characters from	the beginning of a comment to the end
  of that line.	 Network numbers are specified in dotted-decimal notation.  A
  network name can contain any printable character except a field delimiter,
  newline character, or	comment	character (#).

  The networks file is normally	created	from the official network database
  maintained at	the Network Information	Center (NIC).  The file	may need to
  be modified locally to include unofficial aliases or unknown networks.


  Commands: route(8)

  Functions: getnetbyaddr(3), getnetbyname(3), getnetent(3)