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netrc(4)                         File Formats                         netrc(4)

       netrc - file for ftp remote login data

       The  .netrc file contains data for logging in to a remote host over the
       network for file transfers by ftp(1). This file resides in  the  user's
       home directory on the machine initiating the file transfer. Its permis-
       sions should be set to disallow read access by group  and  others  (see

       The  following  tokens  are recognized; they may be separated by SPACE,
       TAB, or NEWLINE characters:

       machine name    Identify a remote machine name. The auto-login  process
                       searches  the  .netrc  file  for  a  machine token that
                       matches the remote machine specified on the ftp command
                       line  or  as  an open command argument. Once a match is
                       made, the subsequent .netrc tokens are processed, stop-
                       ping  when  the EOF is reached or another machine token
                       is encountered.

       default         Same as machine name, except that default  matches  any
                       name.  There can be only one default token, and it must
                       be after all machine tokens. The default token is  nor-
                       mally used as follows:

                       default login anonymous password user@site

                       Such  an  entry  gives the user automatic anonymous ftp
                       login to machines not specified in .netrc.

       login name      Identify a user on the remote machine. If this token is
                       present,  the  auto-login process will initiate a login
                       using the specified name.

       password string Supply a password.  If this token is present, the auto-
                       login  process  will supply the specified string if the
                       remote server requires a password as part of the  login
                       process.  Note:  if this token is present in the .netrc
                       file, ftp will abort  the  auto-login  process  if  the
                       .netrc is readable by anyone besides the user.

       account string  Supply an additional account password. If this token is
                       present, the auto-login process supplies the  specified
                       string  if  the  remote  server  requires an additional
                       account password. If the remote server does not require
                       an  additional account password, the auto-login process
                       will initiate an ACCT command.

       macdef name     Define a macro. This token functions the same  as   ftp
                       macdef. A macro is defined with the specified name; its
                       contents begin with the next .netrc line  and  continue
                       until  a  null line (consecutive NEWLINE characters) is
                       encountered. If a macro named init is  defined,  it  is
                       automatically  executed  as  the last step in the auto-
                       login process.

       Example 1: A Sample .netrc File

       A  .netrc file containing the following line:

       machine ray login demo password mypassword

       allows an autologin to the machine  ray using the login name demo  with
       password mypassword.


       chmod(1), ftp(1), in.ftpd(1M)

SunOS 5.10                        3 Jul 1990                          netrc(4)