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netmasks(4)							  netmasks(4)


  netmasks - DHCP server database


  The netmasks file is employed	by joind, the DHCP server, to inform it	about
  any networks having non-standard subnet masks.  This file is only needed on
  those	platforms which	don't provide a	netmasks database, either as a text
  file or as an	NIS map.  Each network whose mask is other than	the standard
  A, B,	or C mask should have an entry in this file.  Each entry has two
  fields: the network and the mask.  The network may be	written	with or
  without zeros. See join.ipaddresses(4) for details.

  This file also supports variable subnetting.	If each	subnetwork is further
  divided into subnetworks with	a variable mask, the subnetworks can also
  appear on the	LHS.


  Blank	lines and lines	beginning with "#" are ignored.	 Entries are
  separated from one another by	newlines.  Entries consist of two fields: the
  network number (expressed as an IP address), and the network mask expressed
  as an	IP address.


  Commands:  joind(8), join.ipaddresses(4).