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local.users(4)						       local.users(4)


  local.users -	Specifies mail recipients on the local host.


  The local.users file contains	a list of user names whose mail	is to be
  delivered to the local host and whose	return address is username@hostname.
  Entries in the local.hosts file are in addition to other local users (such
  as root and postmaster). See sendmail.cf(4) for a description	of other
  local	users.

  You can add entries to this file if the host is configured as	a simple
  client and either of the following is	true:

    +  The user	wants their mail delivered on this machine rather than being
       forwarded to the	mail server.

    +  You are adding aliases to the /var/adm/sendmail/aliases file. When the
       host is configured as a simple client, the alias	must be	added to this
       file and	the aliases file.

  A simple client is defined as	a host that had	the mail system	configured
  using	the MailConfig application from	the System Management utilities	or
  configured using the mailsetup utility's Quick Setup menu.

  The format of	the file is as follows:

    +  User names are separated	by blanks or new lines.	 Multiple user name
       can be specified	on a line.

    +  Blank lines are ignored.

    +  A comment mark (#) ends the line.

  After	modifying the local.users file,	you must restart the sendmail daemon
  to apply the changes.	 Use the following command:

       # /sbin/init.d/sendmail restart


       root postmaster
       rw  # A comment followed	by an ignored blank line.

       # Another comment.
       mariah  # Another comment.
	  carey	       # Leading blanks	are acceptable.


	    Specifies the path name for	the file.


  Files: sendmail.cf(4).