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IT(4)                    BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                    IT(4)

     it -- ITE IT87xxF and SiS SiS950 temperature, voltage, and fan sensor
     with watchdog timer

     it* at isa? port 0x2e
     it* at isa? port 0x4e

     The it driver provides support for the ITE IT8705F, IT8712F, IT8716F,
     IT8718F, IT8720F, IT8726F, IT8728F, IT8772F and SiS SiS950 hardware moni-
     tors and watchdog(4) timer to be used with the sysctl(8) interface.

     Most supported devices possess 17 sensors:

           Sensor    Units    Typical Use
           temp0     uK       CPU Temperature
           temp1     uK       Motherboard Temperature
           temp2     uK       Unused
           fan0      RPM      CPU Fan
           fan1      RPM      Chassis Fan
           fan2      RPM      Power Fan
           fan3      RPM      Unused
           fan4      RPM      Unused
           volt0     uV DC    Core voltage
           volt1     uV DC    Core voltage
           volt2     uV DC    +3.3V
           volt3     uV DC    +5V
           volt4     uV DC    +12V
           volt5     uV DC    -12V
           volt6     uV DC    -5V
           volt7     uV DC    +5VSB
           volt8     uV DC    VBAT

     isa(4), watchdog(4), sensorsd(8), sysctl(8), watchdogd(8)

     The it driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.4.

     The it driver was originally written for OpenBSD 3.4 by Julien Bordet
     <zejames@greyhats.org>, and completely rewritten for OpenBSD 4.3 by Oleg
     Safiullin <form@pdp-11.org.ru>.

     Watchdog timer functionality is not supported for ITE IT8705 or SiS
     SiS950 chips.  For older IT8712 chips, watchdog timeout values of more
     than 255 seconds are rounded up to the nearest minute.

BSD                              July 16, 2013                             BSD