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ISA(4)                   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                   ISA(4)

     isa, isadma -- introduction to ISA bus support

     # amd64 and i386
     isa* at amdpcib?
     isa0 at tcpcib?
     isa0 at mainbus0
     isa0 at pcib?
     isadma0 at isa?

     # i386
     isa0 at ichpcib?
     isa* at glxpcib?
     isa0 at gscpcib?
     isa* at piixpcib?

     # alpha
     isa* at pceb?
     isa* at sio?
     isadma0 at isa?

     # loongson
     isa* at glxpcib?

     The system includes a machine-independent ISA bus subsystem and several
     machine-independent ISA device drivers.

     Attachments are machine-dependent and depend on the bus topology and ISA
     bus interface of the system.  Drivers able to use DMA attach at isadma;
     otherwise they attach at isa.

     Note that interrupt mappings on the i386 may require that the BIOS be
     configured to reserve the interrupts for these devices as "Legacy ISA".
     If such configuration is not done, the system may use those interrupts
     for pci(4) or isapnp(4) devices instead.

     OpenBSD provides support for the following devices.  Note that not all
     architectures support all devices.

   SCSI controllers
        aha(4)        Adaptec 154x SCSI interface
        aic(4)        Adaptec AIC-6260 and AIC-6360 SCSI interface
        bha(4)        Buslogic SCSI interface
        dpt(4)        DPT EATA SCSI RAID controller
        sea(4)        Seagate/Future Domain ISA SCSI interface
        uha(4)        Ultrastor SCSI interface
        wds(4)        WD7000 compatible ISA SCSI interface

   Disk and tape controllers
        fdc(4)        NEC765 compatible floppy disk driver
        wdc(4)        Standard Western Digital type hard drive controllers:
                      MFM, RLL, ESDI, and IDE/ATAPI.  See also the pciide(4)
                      device driver which is used instead on machines with PCI
                      IDE controllers.

   Serial and parallel interfaces
        addcom(4)     Addonics FlexPort 8S serial communication cards
        ast(4)        multiplexing serial communications interface
        boca(4)       multiplexing serial communications interface
        com(4)        serial communications interface
        cy(4)         Cyclades Cyclom-{4, 8, 16}Y asynchronous comms board
                      device driver
        lpt(4)        parallel port driver
        rtfps(4)      multiplexing serial communications interface

   Network interfaces
        ec(4)         3Com EtherLink II (3c503) Ethernet device
        ef(4)         3Com Fast EtherLink ISA (3c515) 10/100 Ethernet device
        eg(4)         3Com EtherLink Plus Ethernet (3c505) Ethernet device
        el(4)         3Com EtherLink (3C501) Ethernet device
        ep(4)         3Com EtherLink III and Fast EtherLink III 10/100 Ether-
                      net device
        ex(4)         Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 and Pro/10+ Ethernet device
        ie(4)         Intel i82586/i82596 Ethernet device
        lc(4)         DEC EtherWORKS III 10/100 Ethernet device
        le(4)         AMD LANCE Ethernet device
        ne(4)         NE2000 and compatible 10/100 Ethernet device
        sm(4)         SMC91C9x and SMC91C1xx-based 10/100 Ethernet device
        we(4)         Western Digital/SMC WD80x3, SMC Elite Ultra, and SMC
                      EtherEZ Ethernet device

   Sound cards
        ess(4)        ESS Technology AudioDrive family audio device
        gus(4)        Gravis UltraSound/UltraSound MAX audio device
        mpu(4)        Roland/Yamaha MPU401 MIDI UART device
        pas(4)        Media Vision Pro AudioSpectrum audio device
        sb(4)         SoundBlaster family audio device
        wss(4)        Windows Sound System audio device

   Radio receiver devices
        az(4)         Aztech/PackardBell FM radio device
        rt(4)         AIMS Lab Radiotrack FM radio device
        rtii(4)       AIMS Lab Radiotrack II FM radio device
        sfr(4)        SoundForte RadioLink SF16-FMR FM radio device
        sf2r(4)       SoundForte RadioLink SF16-FMR2 FM radio device

   Hardware Sensors
        aps(4)        ThinkPad Active Protection System accelerometer
        fins(4)       Fintek F71805F LPC Super I/O
        it(4)         ITE IT87xxF and SiS SiS950 temperature, voltage, and fan
                      sensor with watchdog timer
        lm(4)         National Semiconductor LM78/79/81 temperature, voltage,
                      and fan sensor
        nsclpcsio(4)  National Semiconductor PC87366 LPC Super I/O with GPIO
        schsio(4)     SMSC SCH311x LPC Super I/O
        uguru(4)      ABIT temperature, voltage and fan sensors
        viasio(4)     VIA VT1211 LPC Super I/O
        wbsio(4)      Winbond LPC Super I/O

   Miscellaneous devices
        gscsio(4)     National Semiconductor Geode SC1100 I2C controller
        lms(4)        Logitech-style bus mouse driver
        mms(4)        Microsoft-style bus mouse driver
        npx(4)        Numeric Processing Extension coprocessor and emulator
        pcdisplay(4)  PC display adapter driver for wscons
        pcic(4)       ISA PCMCIA controllers
        pckbc(4)      PC (ISA) keyboard controller driver
        pcppi(4)      PC (ISA) control and timer port driver
        skgpio(4)     Soekris net6501 GPIO and LEDs driver
        vga(4)        VGA graphics driver for wscons

     Note that some ISA devices also have newer ISA Plug-and-Play variants.
     These are listed in isapnp(4).

     intro(4), isapnp(4)

     The machine-independent ISA subsystem appeared in OpenBSD 2.0.

BSD                            December 10, 2014                           BSD