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IBMTR_CS(4)                Kernel Interfaces Manual                IBMTR_CS(4)

       ibmtr_cs - IBM Token Ring PCMCIA device driver

       insmod  ibmtr_cs.o [pc_debug=n] [mmiobase=n] [srambase=n] [ringspeed=n]

       ibmtr_cs is the low-level Card Services driver for the IBM  Token  Ring
       network  adapter  and  a  few  very similar cards.  When this driver is
       attached to a card, it allocates the next available token  ring  inter-
       face  (tr0..tr#).   This device name will be reported in the kernel log
       file, and passed on to cardmgr(8).

       Due to awkward design of the kernel ibmtr  driver,  the  shared  packet
       memory  for these cards must be mapped to a memory address below 1MB or
       0x100000.  The PCMCIA software will attempt to do  this  automatically,
       but  the automatic algorithm may choose values that conflict with other
       system devices, so a manual override with the srambase parameter may be
       required.  The memory-mapped IO window generally will not be a problem.

              Selects  the  PCMCIA  debugging  level.   This parameter is only
              available if the module is compiled with debugging  enabled.   A
              non-zero value enables debugging.

              Specifies  a  fixed address for the card's memory mapped IO win-
              dow.  The default is to select any available memory window.

              Specifies a fixed address for the card's shared  packet  memory.
              The default is to select any available window below 1MB.

              Selects the network speed, in mb/sec.  Valid values are 4 or 16,
              and the default is 16.

       This man page describes the standalone PCMCIA drivers provided  by  the
       pcmcia-cs source, not the PCMCIA kernel driver support that is included
       in the 2.4 (and later) linux kernel.  While the kernel PCMCIA code  has
       the  same  functionality  as  the  driver side of the standalone PCMCIA
       package, there are some important differences.  Therefore, some or  all
       of this documentation might not apply to the kernel drivers.

       David Hinds - dahindsATusers.net

       cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5), ifport(8).

pcmcia-cs                     2000/06/12 21:24:47                  IBMTR_CS(4)