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ib(4)                            File Formats                            ib(4)

       ib - InfiniBand device driver configuration files

       The InfiniBand (IB) bus is an I/O transport based on switched  fabrics.
       IB devices are managed by the ib(7D) nexus driver. There are three cat-
       egories of InfiniBand devices:

         o  IB  port/IB VPPA/IB HCA_SVC devices

         o  IB IOC devices

         o  IB Psuedo devices

       The  IB   port/IB  VPPA/IB HCA_SVC devices are enumerated by way of the
       ib.conf file. See ib(7D).

       The IB IOC devices are enumerated using the InfiniBand  Device  manage-
       ment class. See ibdm(7D).

       For  devices  not  in  these  two  categories,  most  notably IB Psuedo
       devices, the driver must provide configuration files to inform the sys-
       tem of the IB  devices to be created. Configuration parameters are rep-
       resented in the form of name value pairs you can retrieve using the DDI
       property interfaces.  See ddi_prop_op(9F) for details.

       Configuration  files  for  IB  device  drivers must identify the parent
       driver explicitly as "ib," and must  create  a  string  array  property
       called  "unit-address"  which is unique to this entry in the configura-
       tion file. Drivers name "ibport" and "ioc" are reserved by  ib(7D)  and
       should not be used.

       Each  entry in the configuration file creates a prototype devinfo node.
       Each node is assigned a unit address which is determined by  the  value
       of  the  "unit-address"   property. This property is only applicable to
       children of the IB parent and is required.  See driver.conf(4) for fur-
       ther details on configuration file syntax.

       Example 1: Sample configuration file

       Here is a configuration file called ibgen.conf for an IB  device driver
       that implements a generic IB driver. This file creates  a  node  called

            # Copyright 2002-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
            # Use is subject to license terms.
            #ident  "@(#)ibgen.conf       1.3     03/05/01 SMI"
            name="ibgen" parent="ib" unit-address="0";

       driver.conf(4), ib(7D), ibtl(7D), ddi_prop_op(9F)

SunOS 5.10                        19 Feb 2004                            ib(4)