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I4BISPPP(4)              BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              I4BISPPP(4)

     i4bisppp -- isdn4bsd synchronous PPP over ISDN B-channel network driver

     device "i4bisppp" [count]
     device sppp

     The i4bisppp driver interfaces the IP subsystem of the operating system
     with the isdn4bsd package so that a transport of IP packets over an ISDN
     link is possible.

     The driver is just a glue layer between the sppp(4) backend and the
     ISDN4BSD package and needs the sppp(4) driver configured into the kernel.

     The network interfaces provided by this driver are named isp<n>, where
     <n> is a number between 0 and count-1 from the kernel config line.

     For configuration of the i4bsppp driver, either the spppcontrol(8) util-
     ity is used or the driver can be configured via isdnd(1) and its associ-
     ated isdnd.rc(5) file.

     In case an IP packet for a remote side arrives in the driver and no con-
     nection is established yet, the driver communicates with the isdnd(8)
     daemon to establish a connection.

     The driver has support for interfacing to the bpf(4) subsystem for using
     tcpdump(1) with the isp interfaces.

     The link0 and link1 flags given as parameters to ifconfig(8) have the
     following meaning for the isp&lt;n&gt; devices:

     link0  wait passively for connection

     link1  auto-dial on output

     The link0 and link1 flags are set to off by default.

     See sppp(4) for a more detailed discussion of the flags.

     tcpdump(1), bpf(4), sppp(4), isdnd.rc(5), isdnd(8), spppcontrol(8)

     The i4bisppp device driver was written by Joerg Wunsch
     <joergATFreeBSD.org> and then added to ISDN4BSD by Gary Jennejohn

     This manpage was written by Hellmuth Michaelis <hmATFreeBSD.org>.

BSD                              July 28, 2002                             BSD