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holidays(4)                      File Formats                      holidays(4)

       holidays - prime/nonprime table for the accounting system


       The  /etc/acct/holidays file describes which hours are considered prime
       time and which days  are holidays.  Holidays and weekends  are  consid-
       ered  non-prime time hours.  /etc/acct/holidays is used by the account-
       ing system.

       All lines beginning with an "*" are comments.

       The  /etc/acct/holidays file consists of two sections.  The first  non-
       comment  line  defines the current year and the start time of prime and
       non-prime time hours, in the form:

       current_year      prime_start      non_prime_start

       The remaining non-comment lines define the holidays in the  form:

       month/day     company_holiday

       Of these two fields, only the   month/day  is  actually  used  by   the
       accounting system programs.

       The  /etc/acct/holidays file must be updated each year.

       Example 1: Example of the /etc/acct/holidays file.

       The following is an example of the /etc/acct/holidays file:

       * Prime/Nonprime Table for the accounting system
       * Curr     Prime     Non-Prime
       * Year     Start     Start
         1991     0830     1800
       * only the first column (month/day) is significant.
       * month/day    Company Holiday
         1/1          New Years Day
         5/30         Memorial Day
         7/4          Indep. Day
         9/5          Labor Day
         11/24        Thanksgiving Day
         11/25        day after Thanksgiving
         12/25        Christmas
         12/26        day after Christmas


SunOS 5.10                        28 Mar 1991                      holidays(4)