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File Formats                                          ftphosts(4)

     ftphosts - FTP Server individual user host access file


     The ftphosts file  is  used  to  allow  or  deny  access  to
     accounts from specified hosts. The following access capabil-
     ities are supported:

     allow username addrglob [addrglob...]
           Only allow users to login  as  username  from  host(s)
           that match addrglob.

     deny username addrglob [addrglob...]
           Do not allow users to login as username  from  host(s)
           that match addrglob.

     A username of * matches all users. A username  of  anonymous
     or ftp specifies the anonymous user.

     addrglob is a regular expression  that  is  matched  against
     hostnames  or IP addresses. addrglob may also be in the form
     address:netmask or address/CIDR, or be the name  of  a  file
     that  starts  with  a  slash  ('/')  and contains additional
     address globs. An exclamation mark (`!') placed  before  the
     addrglob negates the test.

     The first allow or deny entry  in  the  ftphosts  file  that
     matches  a username and host is used. If no entry exists for
     a username, then access is allowed.  Otherwise,  a  matching
     allow entry is required to permit access.

     You can use the following ftphosts file to  allow  anonymous
     access from any host except those on the class A network 10,
     with the exception  of  10.0.0.*  IP  addresses,  which  are
     allowed access:

     allow   ftp   10.0.0.*
     deny    ftp   10.*.*.*
     allow   ftp   *

     10.0.0.*  can  be  written  as   or


SunOS 5.9           Last change: 23 Dec 2002                    1

File Formats                                          ftphosts(4)

     See attributes(5)  for descriptions of the following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWftpr                    |

      in.ftpd(1M), ftpaccess(4), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.9           Last change: 23 Dec 2002                    2