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fstypes(4)                       File Formats                       fstypes(4)

       fstypes - file that registers distributed file system packages

       fstypes resides in directory /etc/dfs and lists distributed file system
       utilities packages installed on  the system.  For each  installed  dis-
       tributed  file  system  type, there is a line that begins with the file
       system type name (for example, ``nfs''), followed by  white  space  and
       descriptive text.

       The file system indicated in the first line of the file is the  default
       file system; when Distributed File System  (DFS)   Administration  com-
       mands are entered without the  option  -F fstypes, the system takes the
       file system type from the first line of the  fstypes file.

       The default file system can be changed by editing the fstypes file with
       any supported text editor.

       dfmounts(1M), dfshares(1M), share(1M), shareall(1M), unshare(1M)

SunOS 5.10                        18 Dec 1991                       fstypes(4)