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forward(4)							   forward(4)

  forward - forward mail


  /var/adm/forward/username $HOME/.forward


  The .forward file allows a user to forward messages to another host, or to
  invoke programs (such	as vacation(1))	to process their mail.	It is format-
  ted as a series of comma-separated addresses in the form:

       addr_1, addr_2, ...

  Alternatively, each address can be on	a separate line.

  The newer sendmail.v8	program	also allows the	use of comments	(lines that
  begin	with a ``#'') and blank	lines.

  As with the aliases(4) file, mail messages can be forwarded to another host
  or given to programs for further processing.	The following is an example
  of the vacation program. Assuming that the user's name is myra, create a
  .forward file	and add	the following line:

       \myra, "|/usr/bin/vacation myra"

  The previous example forwards	mail to	myra (the backslash prevents an
  accidental aliasing loop), and also sends a copy of the message to the
  vacation program.

  For security reasons,	the file must be owned by the user or by root and it
  should be writable only by the file owner.  In addition, the file must be
  readable by the owner	(myra) or root.

  On traditional systems, only the $HOME/.forward file is checked.  The
  sendmail.v8 program allows the use of	the system-wide	forwarding directory
  /var/adm/forward.  By	default, this directory	is checked for a forward file
  prior	to examining the users $HOME directory.


	    System-wide	forwarding file.

	    The	per-user forwarding file.


  The sendmail command can hang	trying to read the user's $HOME/.forward
  file.	 If the	user's home directory is NFS-mounted and temporarily unavail-
  able,	sendmail will stall until the directory	becomes	available again.  The
  use of non-NFS mounted directories for the forwarding	of files is recom-

  The use of /var/adm/forward is supported only	by sendmail.v8.

  The actual path for /var/adm/forward is configurable in the sendmail.cf

  Incorrect file permissions/ownership are quietly ignored.

  It is	easy to	create an accidental loop, for example,	on host_a


  and on host_b



  Commands:  aliases(4), sendmail.cf(4), sendmail(8)