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fdmns(4)							     fdmns(4)


  fdmns	- contains file	domain names and devices


  The fdmns directory ensures access to	file domains by	providing symbolic
  links	to every volume	in the file domain.  The mkfdmn, rmvol,	and addvol
  utilities automatically manage the fdmns directory.  Each file domain	is
  described by its own subdirectory within the fdmns directory.

  Back up the fdmns directory structure	regularly using	the vdump utility or
  any other backup utility (dump, tar, cpio). If the contents of the fdmns
  directory are	deleted	or corrupted, restore the directory from your most
  recent backup	tape.  You must	also restore the fdmns directory after
  installing a new version of the operating system.

  Always keep a	hardcopy record	of each	file domain and	its associated
  volumes in case a backup copy	of the fdmns directory is unavailable. If you
  have a record, you can reconstruct the fdmns directory structure. The	fol-
  lowing is a sample fdmns directory:

       total 2
       drwxr-x---      2 root  system  512 Nov 24 18:35	scratch/
       drwxr-xr-x      2 root  system  512 Nov 24 18:35	usr/

       total 0
       lrwxr-x---      1 root  system  10 Oct 23 15:13 dsk10c@ -> /dev/disk/dsk10c
       lrwxr-x---      1 root  system  10 Oct 24 11:33 dsk11c@ -> /dev/disk/dsk11c
       lrwxr-x---      1 root  system	9 Oct 13 18:29 dsk8c@ -> /dev/disk/dsk8c

       total 0
       lrwxr-x---      1 root  system	9 Oct 24 10:52 dsk2g@ -> /dev/disk/dsk2c
       lrwxr-x---      1 root  system	9 Nov 24 10:35 dsk9c@ -> /dev/disk/dsk9c


  Do not remove	or modify the contents of this directory. If the fdmns file
  becomes corrupted, you can no	longer access (or mount) any fileset in	the
  file domains.


  advfs(4), vdump(8), mkfdmn(8), vrestore(8), showfdmn(8)