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ethers(4)							    ethers(4)


  ethers - Database that maps Ethernet addresses to hostnames


  The /etc/ethers file is used in conjunction with the reverse address reso-
  lution protocol daemon (rarpd) to map	Ethernet addresses to hostnames.  It
  contains information about the known (48-bit)	Ethernet addresses of hosts
  on the Internet.

  For each host	on an Ethernet,	a single line should be	present	in the file
  with the following information:

  Ethernet-address	  official-host-name

  Items	are separated by one or	more spaces or tabs.  A	number sign (#)	indi-
  cates	the beginning of a comment that	extends	to the end of line.

  The standard form for	Ethernet addresses is:


  The x	is a hexadecimal number	between	0 and ff, representing 1 byte.	The
  address bytes	are always in network order.

  Hostnames can	contain	any printable character	other than a space, tab, new-
  line,	or number sign (#).

  Hostnames in the /etc/ethers file should correspond to the hostnames in the
  /etc/hosts file or to	those provided by the name service.


  The following	is a sample ethers file:

       08:00:20:01:e5:1c       host1	    # Comments go here
       08:00:20:01:d0:4c       host2	    # Comments go here
       08:00:20:01:e0:1d       host3	    # Comments go here
       08:00:20:00:c2:4e       host4	    # Comments go here


  Commands: rarpd(8)

  Files: hosts(4), packetfilter(7)

  Routines: ethers(3)