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errors(4)							    errors(4)

  errors - Contains a record of	uucico daemon errors




  The /usr/spool/uucp/.Admin/errors file contains a record of uucico daemon
  errors that the uucp program cannot correct.	For example, if	the uucico
  daemon is unable to access a directory that is needed	for a file transfer,
  the uucp program records this	in the errors file.  If	debugging is enabled
  for the uucico daemon, the uucp program sends	the error messages to stan-
  dard output instead of to the	errors file.


  Following is the text	of an error that might appear in the errors file:

       ASSERT ERROR (uucico) pid: 303 (7/18-8:25:09)\
       SYSTAT OPEN FAIL	/usr/spool/uucp/.Status/ (21)\
       [SCCSID:	@(#)systat.c   7.2 87/07/08 16:43:37,\
       FILE: systat.c, LINE:100]

  This error occurred on July 18 at 8:25:09 a.m.  [(7/18-8:25:09)] when	the
  uucico daemon, running as process 303	[(uucico) pid: 303], could not open
  the /usr/spool/uucp/.Status directory	[SYSTAT	OPEN FAIL
  /usr/spool/uucp/.Status/].  To prevent this error from occurring again, you
  should make sure the permissions for the .Status directory are correct.  It
  should be owned by the uucp login ID and group uucp, with permissions	of
  777 (read, write, and	execute	for owner, group, and all others).


	    Contains the errors	file and other uucp administrative files

	    Lists the last time	a remote system	was contacted and the minimum
	    time until the next	retry


  Commands: uudemon.cleanu(4)

  Daemons: uucico(8)