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environ(4)                       File Formats                       environ(4)

       environ,  pref,  variables  -  user-preference variables files for AT&T





       The .environ, .pref, and .variables files contain variables that  indi-
       cate  user  preferences  for  a variety of operations. The .environ and
       .variables files are located under the user's $HOME/pref directory. The
       .pref  files  are found under $HOME/FILECABINET, $HOME/WASTEBASKET, and
       any directory where preferences were  set  via  the  organize  command.
       Names  and  descriptions  for each variable are presented below.  Vari-
       ables are listed one per line and are of the form variable=value.

   .environ Variables
       Variables found in .environ include:

       LOGINWIN[1-4]   Windows that are opened when FACE is initialized.

       SORTMODE        Sort mode for file folder listings. Values include  the
                       following hexadecimal digits:

                       1        Sorted alphabetically by name.

                       2        Files most recently modified first.

                       800      Sorted alphabetically by object type.

                       The  values  above  may  be  listed in reverse order by
                       ORing the following value:

                       1000     List objects in reverse order. For example,  a
                                value  of  1002  will produce a folder listing
                                with files LEAST recently  modified  displayed
                                first.   A  value  of  1001  would  produce  a
                                "reverse" alphabetical by name listing of  the

       DISPLAYMODE     Display  mode for file folders. Values include the fol-
                       lowing hexadecimal digits:

                       0        File names only.

                       4        File names and brief description.

                       8        File  names,  description,   plus   additional

       WASTEPROMPT     Prompt before emptying wastebasket (yes/no?).

       WASTEDAYS       Number of days before emptying wastebasket.

       PRINCMD[1-3]    Print command defined to print files.

       UMASK           Holds default permissions with which files will be cre-

   .pref Variables
       Variables found in .pref are the following:

       SORTMODE        Contains the  same  values  as  the  SORTMODE  variable
                       described in .environ above.

       DISPMODE        Contains  the  same  values as the DISPLAYMODE variable
                       described in .environ above.

   .variable Variables
       Variables found in .variables include:

       EDITOR          Default editor.

       PS1             Shell prompt.

SunOS 5.10                        3 Jul 1990                        environ(4)