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ENDRUN(4)                BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                ENDRUN(4)

     endrun -- EndRun Technologies native time-of-day message timedelta sensor

     pseudo-device endrun [count]

     This line discipline interfaces serial EndRun Technologies devices.

     The line discipline is enabled by the following sequence:

           #include <sys/ioctl.h>
           int ldisc = ENDRUNDISC, fildes; ...
           ioctl(fildes, TIOCSETD, &ldisc);

     The byte stream is unaltered by the line discipline which maintains a
     timedelta sensor using the EndRun data.  The timedelta sensor will appear
     as endrun* in the list of sensors and the delta (in nanoseconds) between
     the received time information and the local time can be accessed through
     the sysctl(8) interface.

     The quality of the timedelta is reported as the sensor status:

           OK          The time information is valid.  The timedelta is safe
                       to use for applications like ntpd(8).

           WARN        The attached receiver has been indicating a warning
                       condition for at least the last ten minutes.  The
                       timedelta should be used with care.

           CRITICAL    tty timestamping has been turned on but there is no PPS
                       signal present or the receiver indicated a warning con-
                       dition for at least the last twenty minutes.  Check
                       your hardware.

     The status of a second sensor is used to report the status of the device
     itself using the Time Figure Of Merit (TFOM) character:

           OK          The clock is synchronized.  TFOM is 6-8.

           WARN        The clock is synchronized and the time error is greater
                       than 10ms or the clock is in the unsynchronized state.
                       TFOM is 9.

           CRITICAL    The TFOM is invalid.

     tty(4), ldattach(8), ntpd(8), sysctl(8)

     The endrun interface first appeared in OpenBSD 4.6.

BSD                            January 15, 2015                            BSD