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dvdfs(4)							     dvdfs(4)


  dvdfs	- The Digital Versatile	Disk File System


  Interfaces documented	on this	reference page conform to industry standards
  as follows:

  ISO/ITEC 13346:1995

       Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) Universal Disk Format
       (UDF) Specification, "OSTA UDF Compliant	Domain", Version 2.00.

  ISO 9660:1988

       Information Processing-Volume and file structure	of CD-ROM for infor-
       mation interchange.

  Refer	to the standards(5) reference page for more information	about indus-
  try standards	and associated tags.


  The Digital Versatile	Disk File System enables the reading of	disks format-
  ted in the Universal Disk Format (UDF).

  User data sectors in a DVD-ROM can contain any type of data in any format.
  However, for Tru64 UNIX support through the dvdfs file system, the OSTA UDF
  file format standard is mandatory.  The file system limit for	DVDFS is int
  cfs_cdfs_mount_limit = 512.

  Additionally,	DVD-ROM	standards require that the logical sector size and
  the logical block (the user data block) size be 2048 bytes.

  DVD support in the UDF specification includes	these levels:

    +  DVD-ROM (Read-only):

       Supports	reading	of UDF-formated	files from DVD-ROM disks.

    +  DVD-R (Write-once):

       Supports	the reading of UDF-formated files from a DVD-ROM disk and
       supports	writing, one time, UDF-formated	files onto a DVD-ROM disk.

    +  DVD-RAM (Rewritable):

       Supports	reading	and writing of UDF-formated files from and to a	DVD-
       ROM disk.

  At this time,	the Tru64 UNIX dvdfs file system supports only the DVD-ROM
  (Read-only) format.

  See mount(8) for information about mounting and unmounting a dvdfs file
  system, fstab(4) for information about including dvdfs file system in	a
  system's /etc/fstab file, and	disklabel(8) for information about labeling
  DVD-ROM disks.


  Commands: disklabel(8), mount(8)

  Files: cdfs(4) fstab(4)