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DPT(4)                   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                   DPT(4)

     dpt -- DPT RAID Controller SCSI driver

     For one or more EISA Controllers
     device eisa
     device dpt

     For one or more PCI Controllers
     device pci
     device dpt

     To allow PCI adapters to use memory mapped I/O if enabled:
     options DPT_ALLOW_MEMIO

     The dpt driver supports DPT RAID SCSI controllers.

     SmartRAID (PM3???) are "Enterprise" class cards, and SmartCache (PM2???)
     cards are in the "Workstation" class.  The Gen 4 Smart Cache IV products
     were a re-issue of the Gen 3 utilizing upgraded (and cheaper to produce)
     silicon.  The PM3334 (Smart RAID III) was not revamped as there was no
     upgraded silicon (68040 processor) and it was using the best DPT made.
     Note there has been customer confusion over the faster enterprise class
     card supported by this driver being an older generation.  The Gen5 cards
     are supported by the asr(4) driver.

     The dpt driver provides support for the following RAID adapters:

     o   DPT Smart Cache Plus
     o   Smart Cache II (PM2?2?, PM2022 [EISA], PM2024/PM2124 [PCI]) (Gen2)
     o   Smart RAID II (PM3?2?, PM3021, PM3222)
     o   Smart Cache III (PM2?3?)
     o   Smart RAID III (PM3?3?, PM3332 [EISA], PM3334UW [PCI]) (Gen3)
     o   Smart Cache IV (PM2?4?, PM2042 [EISA], PM2044/PM2144 [PCI]) (Gen4)
     o   Smart RAID IV

     sys/dev/dpt/dpt_scsi.c        Core Driver Implementation
     sys/dev/dpt/dpt.h             Register Set and Core Driver Data Struc-
     sys/dev/dpt/dpt_pci.c         PCI Bus Driver Attachment
     sys/dev/dpt/dpt_eisa.c        EISA Bus Driver Attachment

     cd(4), ch(4), da(4), sa(4), scsi(4)

     The dpt driver was written by Simon Shapiro and ported to the CAM SCSI
     system by Justin T. Gibbs.

     The dpt driver first appeared in FreeBSD 2.2.6.

BSD                              July 4, 2004                              BSD