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 dialups(4)							  dialups(4)

      dialups, d_passwd - dialup security control

      dialups and d_passwd are used to control the dialup security feature
      of login (see login(1)).	If /etc/dialups is present, the first word
      on each line is compared with the name of the line upon which the
      login is being performed (including the /dev/, as returned by
      ttyname() (see ttyname(3C)).  If the login is occurring on a line
      found in dialups, dialup security is invoked.  Anything after a space
      or tab is ignored.

      When dialup security is invoked, login requests an additional
      password, and checks it against that found in /etc/d_passwd.  The
      command name found in the ``program to use as shell'' field of
      /etc/passwd is used to select the password to be used.  Each entry in
      d_passwd consists of three fields, separated by colons.  The first is
      the command name, matching an entry in passwd.  The second is the
      encrypted password to be used for dialup security for those users
      logging in to use that program.  The third is commentary, but the
      second colon is required to delimit the end of the password.  A null
      password is designated with two adjacent colons.	The entry for
      /usr/bin/sh is used if no other entry matches the command name taken
      from passwd.

      /etc/dialups	       dial-in tty lines
      /etc/d_passwd	       passwords

      login(1), passwd(4).

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