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depend(4)                        File Formats                        depend(4)

       depend - software dependencies file

       depend is an ASCII file used to specify information concerning software
       dependencies for a particular package. The file is created by  a  soft-
       ware developer.

       Each  entry in the depend file describes a single software package. The
       instance of the package is described after the entry line by giving the
       package  architecture and/or version. The format of each entry and sub-
       sequent instance definition is:

       type pkg name

       The fields are:

       type            Defines the dependency type. Must be one of the follow-
                       ing characters:

                       P        Indicates a prerequisite for installation; for
                                example, the referenced  package  or  versions
                                must be installed.

                       I        Implies  that  the  existence of the indicated
                                package or version is incompatible.

                       R        Indicates a  reverse  dependency.  Instead  of
                                defining  the package's own dependencies, this
                                designates that  another  package  depends  on
                                this  one.  This type should be used only when
                                an old package does not have  a  depend  file,
                                but  relies  on the newer package nonetheless.
                                Therefore, the present package should  not  be
                                removed if the designated old package is still
                                on the system since, if it is removed, the old
                                package will no longer work.

       pkg             Indicates the package abbreviation.

       name            Specifies the full package name.

       (arch)version   Specifies a particular instance of the software. A ver-
                       sion name cannot begin with  a  left  parenthesis.  The
                       instance  specifications,  both (arch) and version, are
                       completely optional, but each (arch)version  pair  must
                       begin  on  a  new  line that begins with white space. A
                       null version set equates to any version  of  the  indi-
                       cated package.

       Example 1: Sample of depend file

       Here  are  the  contents of a sample depend file, for the SUNWftpr (FTP
       Server) package, stored in /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWftpr/install:

       P SUNWcar       Core Architecture, (Root)
       P SUNWkvm       Core Architecture, (Kvm)
       P SUNWcsr       Core Solaris, (Root)
       P SUNWcsu       Core Solaris, (Usr)
       P SUNWcsd       Core Solaris Devices
       P SUNWcsl       Core Solaris Libraries
       R SUNWftpu      FTP Server, (Usr)


       Application Packaging Developer's Guide

SunOS 5.10                        4 Oct 1996                         depend(4)