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dat.conf(4)                      File Formats                      dat.conf(4)

       dat.conf - DAT static registry


       The  DAT  static  registry,  /etc/dat/dat.conf  is  a  system-wide data
       resource maintained by the system administrative command datadm(1M).

       /etc/dat/dat.conf contains a list of interface  adapters  supported  by
       uDAPL service providers. An interface adapter on Infiniband (IB) corre-
       sponds to an IPoIB device instance, for example, ibd0. An IPoIB  device
       name represents an IP interface plumbed by ifconfig(1M) on an IB parti-
       tion/Host Channel Adapter port combination.

       Each entry in the DAT static registry is a single  line  that  contains
       eight  fields. Fields are separated by a <&lt;SPACE>&gt;. Lines that begin with
       a pound sign (#) are considered comments. All  characters  that  follow
       the  #  are  ignored.  Enclose  Solaris  specific strings (Solaris_spe-
       cific_string)   and   service   provider's   instance   data   (service
       _provider_instance_data) in quotes.

       The following shows the order of the fields in a dat.conf entry:

       "interface_adapter_name" "API_version" "threadsafe | nonthreadsafe" \
       "default | nondefault" "service_provider_library_pathname" \
       "service_provider_version" "service _provider_instance_data"\

       The fields are defined as follows:


           Specifies the Interface Adapter (IA) name. In IB, this is the IPoIB
           device instance name, for example,  ibd0.  This  represents  an  IP
           interface plumbed on an IB partition/port combination of the HCA.


           Specifies the API version of the service provide library: For exam-
           ple, "u"major.minor is u1.2.

       threadsafe | nonthreadsafe

           Specifies a threadsafe or non-threadsafe library.

       default | nondefault

           Specifies a default or non-default version of  library.  A  service
           provider can offer several versions of the library. If so, one ver-
           sion is designated as default with the rest as nondefault.


           Specifies the pathname of the library image.


           Specifies the version of the service provider. By convention, spec-
           ify  the  company stock symbol as the service provider, followed by
           major and minor version numbers, for example, SUNW1.0.

       service _provider_instance_data

           Specifies the service provider instance data.


           Specifies a platform specific string, for example, the device  name
           in the service_provider.conf file.

       Example 1: Sample dat.conf File

       The  following  dat.conf  file  shows  a uDAPL 1.2 service provider for
       tavor, udapl_tavor.so.1 supporting two interfaces, ibd0 and ibd1:

       # dat.conf for uDAPL 1.2
       ibd0 u1.2 nonthreadsafe default udapl_tavor.so.1 SUNW.1.0 ""
       ibd1 u1.2 nonthreadsafe default udapl_tavor.so.1 SUNW.1.0 ""

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()    allbox;    cw(2.750000i)|     cw(2.750000i)     lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).   ATTRIBUTE  TYPEATTRIBUTE  VALUE AvailabilitySUNWudaplr
       Interface StabilityStandard

       datadm(1M),   ifconfig(1M),   libdat(3LIB),   service_provider.conf(4),

       An empty dat.conf is created during the package SUNWudaplr installation
       if no file is present beforehand. Entries in  the  file  are  added  or
       removed by running datadm(1M).

       The content of the platform specific string does not constitute an API.
       It is generated by datadm(1M) and might have  a  different  content  or
       interpretation in a future release.

SunOS 5.10                        18 Jun 2004                      dat.conf(4)